This is a preliminary schedule as of March 7 and is subject to change:



Massachusetts Association Of Crime Analysts
2012 Training Conference
  Track 1
Hyannisport West
  Track 2
Hyannisport East
  Track 3
Cape Cod Room
1300-1400 Introduction to DDACTS – Debra Piehl
1415-1515 Fundamentals of Crime Analysis – Be a Data-Driven Analyst – Debra Piehl
0700-0900 Breakfast (Bass River)
0900-1000 Opening Remarks
Glen Mills, MACA President
Chris Bruce, IACA President
1000-1200 Methods of Prediction in Crime Analysis
Christopher Bruce
  CAMBRIDGE PD   Descriptive and Inferential Statistics Using Excel
Alex Wagner
1215-1330 Lunch on your own
1330-1500 Opening Keynote
Analysis to Drive Performance
Chief Harry Dolan, Raleigh, NC PD
1515-1700 From Bias to Atrocity: Understanding the Science of  Hate, Racism & Genocide as it relates to Crime Prevention                                                       Col. Thomas Robbins (ret) & Lt. Peter DiDomenica   DDACTS: Outcomes Over Outputs                                           Chief Brett Railey, Chief Keith Ternes and Lt. Joseph Conger   Crime Mapping Fundamentals
Dawn Reeby
1830-2030 Welcome Reception and Trivia Night in the Bass River Room
0700-0900 Breakfast (Bass River)
0900-1030 DDACTS – The Philadelphia Police Story                                                                                                                                                          Inspector Christine Coulter & Analyst Anthony D'Abruzzo
1045-1200 Product Showcase
Officer Casey Hatchett
  DDACTS: In Support of Compstat                                            Chief Keith Ternes,                                                 Lt. Keith Stephens and                                       Lt. Joseph Conger   Identifying and Interpreting Hot Spots
Christopher Bruce
1200-13:15 Lunch Provided (Bass River)
1330-1500 Predictive Policing with SPSS
IBM and Alex Wagner
  DDACTS: SMART Policing in Shawnee                                                                    Susan Smith   Making the Most of Access Reports
Sgt. John Cowhig
1515-1700 Data Visualization
Jim Mallard
  DDACTS: SMART Policing at PPD                                                        Anthony D'Abruzzo   Identifying Problem Properties
Tiana Antul
0700-0900 Breakfast (Bass River)
0900-1100 DDACTS  – What Does it Mean to You?: A Panel Discussion
1115-1230 Using ESRI and Omega Group Products to Support Crime Analysis
ESRI and Omega Group
  DDACTS: Outcomes Over Outputs                                         Chief Brett Railey,                                              Lt. Keith Stephens and                                        Lt. Joseph Conger   Managing Switchboards in Access
Peter Shin
1230-1400 Lunch on your own
1415-1530 FBI LEOKA Program
Keynote Speaker, Marcus Young
0700-0900 Breakfast (Bass River)
09:00 – 11:00 DDACTS: Analysis-Driven Operations – Moving Forward
1115-1215 Meeting
  Closing Ceremony